Ghada Ghanem is a Voice Teacher at the Higher Lebanese National Conservatory and at her private voice studio. She also taught music in the Theater and Music Departments at the Lebanese University and currently teaching at LAU.
She sings regularly with both Lebanese Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra and Lebanese Oriental Symphony Orchestra.
A fanatic of Bel Canto, Ghada Ghanem is both a “cantatrice” and a technician of the art of vocalises. She always introduces herself as a Lyric Soprano, living in a dramatic country.

Miss Ghanem holds a Bachelor Degree in Lebanese and French Law from USJ, Lebanon and a Master Degree in Music, specializing in Vocal Performance from Rice University, in Houston, TX.

  “My passion for opera began during the Lebanese civil war, when I first joined the Conservatory to take vocal lessons with my first voice teacher, the late Badia Haddad, who directed me towards ‘Operatic singing’, for me as opposed to ‘Oriental singing’. At the time, I had no idea about opera or how it would change my life from then on. These first days pushed me to develop from simply being an ordinary gifted girl with a beautiful voice to becoming a seriously committed artist. I sensed, from my very first vocal lesson in 1980, that this was “the thing” I was looking for. It was not just an expression of my passion but, also a kind of “musical spaceship” that would provide an escape to better places when I needed to escape the bombs and the cruelty of the war. Eventually, I got accepted at Rice University in Houston, Texas where I received my Masters In Music / Vocal Performance in 1991 studying with Soprano Lynn Griebling and being coached by Tom Jaber. It was at this time that I became a member of the Houston Grand Opera Chorus from 1888 – 1992.”

During her studies at Rice University, Ghada auditioned for HGO Maestro John Demain who guided her towards studying with the famous Mezzo-Soprano Elena Nikolaidi (known as Niki) who was then the head of the voice department at the Houston Grand Opera and who adopted her musically for the rest of her life. In the summer of 1992, Ghada enrolled in the American Institute of Musical Studies (AIMS) in Graz, Austria where she studied with Frau Ena Thiessen.
  After leaving Austria, Ghanem moved to New York City where she joined the United Nations as a staff member for eight years working in the Public Information Department. In NYC, she had won the Encouragement Award from the Wagner Society in 1995, and was one of the semi-finalists at the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions, 1996/ Eastern Region.
  Although Ghanem was trained in operatic music, she wanted to also stay in touch with her rich Arabic musical heritage. So, while living in New York, she took private vocal instruction with Arab-American musicians, thus expanding her repertoire to include classical Near Eastern songs.
  She has also created an online platform that she named “Beirut Underground Opera”, inviting the opera-apprciators of Lebanon to ‘rise above the ground’!

  Her debut was in Le Nozze di Figaro in 1991 at The Houston Grand Opera.
In Lebanon, she performs regularly with both Eastern and Western Lebnaese National Philharmonic Orchestras. She has also concertized in Russia, Japan, Canada, and the USA at major concert halls like Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Brooklyn Museum, Dag Hammerjskold Auditorium, the General Assembly at the United Nations Headquarters, Symphony Space, CAMI Hall, Merkin Hall, Detroit Museum, The Museum of civilizations in Ottawa, Theatre Maisonneuve in Place des Arts/Montreal, in the Tchaikovsky Hall /Moscow and in Act City Hall in Hamamatsu /Japan, The Royal Palace Theater/ Amman, The International Damascus Festival, the Babylon Festival in Iraq, and King’s College in Cambridge and in Southern France where she was invited to perform 13 concerts in the churches and cathedrals of the region, a co-production of Festival Suds à Arles and Arab New Trends Limited.
  Her upcoming 3 concerts will be performed at Masrah Al Madina, in 9/10/11 May 2016 with Lisa Tutunjian on the piano and Abdullah Chhadeh on the Qanun, directed by Lina Abyad.

  “Nowadays I derive my pleasure from both performing and teaching, in both of which I feel God is guiding my way. I love to work with the voice as an instrument (as I mentioned in the book ‘The Land of Singing”, I wrote for the Lebanese Conservatory). While singing one has to find spontaneity and natural voice by feeling the music and transmitting it to others. You learn how to sing by singing just like you learn to live by living.
I emphasize training and motivating the whole musicians. How far can you go with your voice? How can you color it? Give it more body and different ideas? How can you make it ‘wear’ your personality?
  The voice is untouchable with one’s hands or any other part of one’s body, just like the senses of seeing, smelling or hearing. It differs from all other musical instruments. We can touch it, though, with our imagination, feelings and thinking. I imagine a deaf person can become a great singer if that person has the desire.
  I like to use my voice as a vehicle to salute any composer of any style I like.”

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